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10 Day Love Action Plan

What if 10 days of focused {yet minimal} action meant that your greatest frustration was solved? That you had more free time on your hands, and a sense of limitless love running through you - and it didn't matter what was going on at the time?

I've got a 10-day love action plan for how to get us there, beginning in June and moving quickly! We go deep while keeping it fun, and that's because some of us have very real and traumatic pains to heal. Others of us are downright buried under too much stress and overwhelm.

We women deserve to celebrate ourselves and have a little fun, am I right?! It's important that we solve our problems while keeping it light, playful, and safe. We also need support systems we can count on, and the space to tell each other our stories.

So many of us are dying on the vine and the worst part of it is that we're all in it together... yet we think we're entirely alone.

My goal during these 10 days will be to show you that you are absolutely NOT alone, you are supported, and there is a way out of the abyss.

How These 10 Days Will Work:

Every day you'll receive raw, intimate video conversations between me and 20 of the most celebrated experts in women's health, weight loss, relationships, self-care, career and spirituality. They'll share with you their secrets and personal stories they, all in the comfort of their own living rooms or homes. They will share things they never would share otherwise.

You'll also enjoy bite-sized daily messages full of actionable advice and "field notes" for getting immediate results.

This 10-day love action plan is about giving you a complete step-by-step process you can use to love your life right now - delivered in the ways that work best for a woman's brain... a woman's schedule... and that meets our unique needs.

Oh and we've planned a little {actually it's HUGE!} surprise for you that will have women talking for years after this 10-day experience is over...

I'm not keeping things under wraps on this just to tease you, I promise. However it's quite an undertaking to orchestrate! As soon as I am able, I will get you all the information you need, plus special access to this one-time-only online experience.

In the meantime, check out our story and mission for this 10-day experience. When you do you'll meet two exceptional people who helped make this happen, and who will be helping you (and me!) along every step of this journey.

And don't forget to let me know what you think of these first three videos and be sure to share the love with your friends and loved ones!

I'll have more information about our 10 Day Love Action Plan to you shortly.

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About Marci Shimoff

"Marci Shimoff has her finger on the pulse of the greatest evolutionary leap in the history of humanity – our leap out of fear, into the attitudinal matrix of love."
~ Marianne Williamson, bestselling author A Return to Love

In case you don't know me, I'd love to introduce myself and how I became enchanted with the power of unconditional love in a woman's life. It's why I wrote my latest book Love For No Reason and why I've put together this special video series.

Because I used to think the holy grail in a woman's life was happiness. Yet even happiness takes a back seat to love. I had spent 15 years authoring the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul series and reading thousands of stories from women the world over. I then wrote the instant bestseller Happy for No Reason while practicing everything I learned while researching the book.

I practiced exercise, diet, gratitude and forgiveness. I achieved a deeply satisfying state of contentment and experienced it more and more of the time with practice. Yet something still beckoned me on, whispering that there was more to learn... that I could go deeper.

Love unfurled itself before me and I saw that my idea of love only scratched the surface of its magnificent totality. I saw I still had so much to learn on my path to wholeness, peace and pure relationship with the world and people around me.

And so I accepted the challenge to learn and research everything I could about this higher, complete love and how we can live it daily in all areas of our life. I was a woman on a mission!

What an amazing and whirlwind journey that decision began! I share the details briefly in the video on Love, available above. What I'll say here is that I am so honored to share the tools, resources and lessons I learned while exploring the totality of love and its possibilities for our lives.

These three videos are only the beginning. Just wait till you see what I have planned.

Oh, and if you're enjoying your time here, I would love to know what you think and invite you to share the love with others!

Our Story & Mission

Yep, there's far more to all this than just me.

If you want to know what I'm all about, hop on over here. Because right now, I'd like to tell you a story...

A few months ago, Manny Goldman, co-founder of the leading women's site,, approached me with a bold and unique idea:

"We want to wrangle the top 20 experts in women's health, career, relationships and self-care... get their most intimate secrets, stories and life lessons they never tell anyone else... and we want to deliver it to women around the world along with step-by-step guidance that creates measurable change."

Ummm... you know those shocking moments when you feel excited, nervous, baffled and blissed out at the same time? Well this was like that.

"I love it and I want to be a part of it," I said. I knew I had access to exceptional leaders and experts who would tell me their stories and secrets in the intimacy of their homes, since most of them were my friends.

I also knew that if anyone could carry off such a boldly transformative mission, it would have to be Manny for all his brilliance and fierce commitment. Plus his heart was in the right place. Since recognizing that the lack of love in his life required healing his relationship with women and connecting to his own feminine side, Manny has become a force for inspiring and helping women the world over.

So I only had one question:

"How will you tie all these wonderful interviews into a step-by-step process?"

I had some concerns... Each person that came to mind had his or her own expertise and focused in certain categories of life. Plus I had no interest in participating in another me-too teleseries or online event that delivered a lot of fluffy content without any context to tie it all together.

That's when Manny introduced me to Jaime Mintun.

"She's the perfect person for guiding our participants through daily action that gets results." He proceeded to describe her coaching approach, and how it's designed specifically for women, their brains, biology and needs. "She's also the sassiest, most playful and approachable woman - people adore her. She'll keep it FUN."

And that's when I knew: we had something truly unique here, between the three of us.

I'm deeply grateful for the ways we women are stepping into our power and, at times like this, I am also filled with love and admiration for the men who show up for us.

Manny created because his personal mission is to awaken and celebrate the feminine in both women and men. During this 10-day experience we're putting together, you and I will get to experience this loving mission in a community of women - among men who love and support us.

There is so much more I'd love to say, but I can't reveal all the excitement just yet!

Suffice it to say that we are delivering on the seemingly impossible mission Manny and presented to me. Soon we'll be announcing it to the world! And I promise you'll be the first to know.

I'm also making sure you have a front row seat, as my guest, for the fireworks and festivities that we have planned. So stay tuned...

Learn more about Manny Goldman and

Hey, this is Manny here to introduce myself real quick. I am co-founder and CEO of as well as the Visionary and Creator of the Love Your Life Summit. I have spent most of my career working with our greatest thought leaders and celebrated experts to share their messages and create meaningful change.

And so as you can imagine, working in this space, I came face to face with my own challenges and have been moving through a wonderful healing process. I have learned that in order to balance my life and step into true love and joy... I had to awaken my feminine side and balance it with my masculine.

In many ways I think this is part of each of our journeys.

That is why I co-founded and approached Marci and Jaime to create the special 10-day love action plan we're about to release. I am honored to deliver you and women everywhere an experience that celebrates the glorious, beautiful and rich nature you possess.

And this is only the beginning, I assure you. :)

Learn more about Jaime Mintun and O! Lila...

Hey, I’m Jaime and just wanted to have a little meet-and-greet here.

We’re about to embark on a deliciously different experience and I am thrilled to be involved. Like Manny, I’ve spent much of my career working with the wonderful men and women leading the charge for personal development and business success.

However five years ago, I took that big leap toward my dreams… and it landed me in the most traumatic experience of my life. Surviving that experience meant learning how to balance daily life with emotional devastation... to pay the bills and maintain my career while also going about the business of healing.

That journey led me through an immersive study of how we women operate… how the female brain works and why our evolutionary biology, hormones and feminine magnetism matter in our practical day-to-day lives.

I also learned that we women need playfulness. This is non-negotiable. And so I’ve come to specialize in practical transformation processes—built for women—that are also fun, sassy and engaging.

My promise to you is that we can heal without sacrificing our daily sanity, productivity and FUN. You’ll see… ;)

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